In recent years, Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) technologies have become a game changer in strategic sectors such as Automotive, Energy and Industry Automation, where Europe is a world leader. In fact, CPS is a key driver for the innovation capacity of European industries, large and small, generating economic growth and supporting meaningful jobs for citizens.

CPS4EU proposes to address technical issues and organizational issues in an integrated way. Hence, CPS4EU promotes a high level of sharing, so that an operational ecosystem, with adequate skills and expertise all along the value chain can enable, at the end of the project, the European industry to lead strategic markets based on CPS technologies.

The ultimate objective of CPS4EU is to strengthen the CPS value chain by creating world class European SMEs and by providing CPS technologies that in turn will sustain the leadership of the large European groups in key economy sectors and, in this way will stimulate innovative products to support the massive digitization increasingly integrated into our everyday environment.

To achieve these goals CPS4EU will:

  1. Develop 4 key enabling technologies (computing, connectivity, sensing, cooperative systems)
  2. Incorporate these CPS modules through pre-integrated architectures and design tools. More details about pre-integrated architectures (PIARCH-es) can be found here and the ID Cards of currently available Pre-Integrated Architectures are presented here.
  3. Instantiate these architectures in dedicated use cases from strategic application: automotive, smart grid and industry automation
  4. Improve CPS awareness and usage for all industrial sectors

CPS4EU Team invites you to visit the CPS4EU LinkedIn group.