SaaS for handheld tools

[Focus Area]: SaaS [Type]: Software [TRL Level]: 8 [Linked WPs]: 4 [Linked PIARCHs]: A4
[Innovation areas]: Intelligent motor control, Machine learning, Predictive maintenance, Firmware and model updates
[Potential vertical/horizontal markets]: Handheld tools [Potential market entry]: S2 2022 [Re-engineering effort]: 6-12 MM
For this Use Case, there are several fields where CPS platform is expected to provide technical solution.
The first feature required is handheld tool connectivity. In this application, connectivity can be designed for low data rate. Actually, data volume is estimated to approximately 1Mo/day (20ko/cycle with 50 cycles per day). It is required that data connectivity can be achieved with low power consumption in order to minimize handheld battery energy.

The other major feature expected is the AI model development and training. For handheld tools manufacturers, a cloud application allows online development of the AI model. Preferred programming language should be Python or Javascript (like achievable currently with PyTorch or Tensorflow).


Wael Chahrour, CTO and co-founder