Aircraft Health Management System (AHMS)

[Focus Area]: Digital Industry [Type]: Digital Twin / DSS [TRL Level]: 6 [Linked WPs]: 4,6 [Linked PIARCHs]: A4
[Innovation areas]: Data Analysis, Predictive Maintenance, Troubleshooting,
[Potential vertical/horizontal markets]: Aircraft manufacturers and operators [Potential market entry]: 2024 [Re-engineering effort]: 35-45 MM
The use case concerns the Aircraft Health Management System (AHMS) that is devoted to the gathering, collecting and analyzing data concerning aircraft fleet maintenance.

Objective: collect and correlate data from the aircraft (failure and performance), maintenance (items removals), warehouse and other sources (knowledge base, manuals) to support AHMS users:

  • Maintenance Operators, in failure troubleshooting;
  • Department Engineers, in monitoring aircraft systems performance and in anticipating possible failures;
  • Logistic Operators, in procurement decisions anticipating spare parts demand