M3 Systems IP GNSS PRODUCT : The objective is to offer an economical GNSS test platform (Galileo,GPS,Glonass,Beidou,SBAS) with a high level of flexibility to satisfy all the laboratory tests.

Web site: https://m3systems.eu/

Contact Email: anis.ziadi@m3systems.eu

For years, in the transport domain, we innovate to reach the absolute and real time positioning of the object in motion.From several meters with the Global Positioning System (GPS) to some centimeters with the Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS, we tend to reach the real position.
StellaNGC is an open GNSS software radio platform that encompasses all the tools necessary for GNSS testing: bi-constellation (GPS and Galileo) bi-frequencies ( L1/E1 and L5/E5) IP GNSS Receiver adapted automotive needs, and more specifically to ADAS and autonomous driving use-cases.