Industrial edge computing gateway

Complete pre-integrated system System TRL Levels: 7 (M36 8) Linked WPs: 1,2,3,4,5 Linked UCs: 4, 5
Edge computing, IoT, security. End2end digitalization solutions. Digitalization process simplification. Digitalization of legacy systems.
Industry 4.0, Manufacturing Digitalization, Energy/Smart Grid Potential market entry: Q2 2022 Re-engineering effort: 12MM
The Industrial Edge Computing Gateway is a multi-service gateway designed to deliver IoT based applications with LTE in the industrial domain. It supports the computing and connectivity requirements of UC4 and UC5, and host the application business logic of these UCs. The PIARCH is a high-performance, LTE ready and cloud certified multi-service IoT gateway based on the NXP i.MX 8M Mini Cortex-A53 quad core processor, 4GB of RAM, up to 32GB of eMMC and a user-accessible microSD slot. It is characterized by a low power profile, supporting a wide range power supply (9 to 30V). To support industrial applications, it is equipped with a very rich set of connectivity interfaces: LTE Cat 1, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2/BLE, two Gigabit Ethernet, display port video output, two protected and isolated RS-232/422/RS-485 serial ports, two noise and surge protected USB ports, six opto-isolated digital, two isolated analog interfaces and digital IO. To further expand the gateway features, it is equipped with high-speed PCI Express 2.0 (x4, x2, x1) interfaces that allow to connect PCIe hardware extension modules.
To support security aspects, it is equipped with TPM 2.0, hardware anti-tampering features and meets IEC 62443-4-1/-4-2 cybersecurity (Professional Service). The PIARCH is capable to operate in an extended range of environmental temperature ranging from – 40 to +65°C. Onboard temperature sensor and an accelerator allows to monitor some significant parameters of the gateway’s motherboard, that could affect its correct operations.
The gateway runs a Yocto-based OS and Azul Java, on which Eclipse Kura provides a framework for application-level field connectivity, sensing and actuation support, data collection and edge processing capabilities oriented to IoT, an environment for CPS cooperation on the edge, business logic design and development, cloud connectivity and remote monitoring functionalities (advanced diagnostics, provisioning, updates, full remote device access and management).