Scalable CPS-based flow chemistry modules

[Focus Area]: Pharma 4.0 [Type]: Flow chemistry [TRL Level]: 6 [Linked WPs]: 4, 6 [Linked PIARCHs]: A4
[Innovation areas]: Integrated flow chemistry system, Spinsplit IoT and SpinStudio softwares
[Potential vertical/horizontal markets]: Predictive maintenance [Potential market entry]: S2 2023 [Re-engineering effort]: 6-12 MM
Continuous flow chemical reactor systems are identified as the next generation of production plants used in pharmaceutical industry. Spinsplit aims to integrate advanced thermal self-diagnostics into chemical reactors. Continuous analysis of thermal data enables the monitoring of instrument performance and prediction of instrument failure providing real time quality assurance and higher yield.

Objective: The objective of this use case is to build up a demonstrative flow chemistry production plant with prediction of previously hidden thermal failures by analysing self-diagnostics data.

Demonstrational flow chemistry system