Mobile CPS – Cooperative lifting

[Focus Area]: Industry [Type]: Cooperative cranes [TRL Level]: 4 [Linked WPs]: 3,4,5 [Linked PIARCHs]: A3P, A4
[Innovation areas]: Digital twin on cloud platform, winch sensing & control, inspection drone
[Potential vertical/horizontal markets]: Distributed systems [Potential market entry]: S2 2023 [Re-engineering effort]: 12-24 MM
The use case deals with the deployment of at least 2 collaborative working cranes (as a prototype/model), where data from involved sensors will be gathered, analyzed and sent to a digital twin on a cloud platform.

Objective: enable the collaborative lifting process based on CPS technologies:

  • sensing and control of the lifting cable winch on each machine
  • cloud solution for digital twin of the lifting process
  • synchronization of monitoring/controlling mechanisms