Cooperative Pre-Integrated Architecture

Distributed systems Architecture TRL Levels: 4-6 Linked WPs: 4,5 Linked UCs: 4-5-10-11-14
Model Predictive Control, Self-adaptation, Safe and real-time distributed architectures
Industry, Energy, Smart Cities Potential market entry: 2024 Re-engineering effort: 12-24 MM
The cooperative system PIARCH pre-integrates the various layers and components necessary for a large scale, connected set of devices.

This PIARCH provides collaborative technologies and algorithms for:

Network virtualization
Collaborative mechanisms
Decentralized and self-adaptive mechanisms and frameworks
Model predictive control

The PIARCH will include buildings blocks, models, tools, used for the demonstrations of the CPS4EU use cases.

Application domains within the CPS4EU project: Energy, Industry, Smart Cities

Contact: Guillaume Giraud, RTE, R&D Manager