Distributed controls for transmission grid

[Focus Area]: Energy [Type]: Distributed networks [TRL Level]: 7 [Linked WPs]: 4, 5, 6 [Linked PIARCHs]: A4
[Innovation areas]: Self-adaptive mechanism with Model Predictive Controls (MPC)
[Potential vertical/horizontal markets]: Control of distributed systems [Potential market entry]: S2 2023 [Re-engineering effort]: 12-24 MM
To maximize the integration new renewable generation from wind and photovoltaic farms in the existing electrical grid without new power lines, we need to modulate their generation level and use batteries to keep the intensity on the lines below their limits.

Objective: The system, distributed in several substations, acquires voltage and intensity to monitor the lines of a given area and sends commands to generation farms and batteries calculated based on real-time optimization using Model Predictive Control.