Substation digitalization with virtual machines

[Focus Area]: Energy [Type]: Electrical substations [TRL Level]: 7 [Linked WPs]: 4, 6 [Linked PIARCHs]: A4
[Innovation areas]: Self-adaptive framework ensuring the detection and elimination of electric faults
[Potential vertical/horizontal markets]: Virtualization, Edge control [Potential market entry]: S2 2023 [Re-engineering effort]: 12-24 MM
Protection system of electric substation ensures the detection and elimination of electric faults. Classical protection relays and automation are spread through the different feeders of the electric substation. In this use case, the Software Defined Edge Control solution virtualize all these functions on two servers (for redundancy) for the whole substation.

Objective: This solution minimizes the complexity of the field equipment of an electrical substation, thus its cost, with similar performances and reliability, and offers a flexible platform for new functions implementation