Secure CPS-to-X Connectivity

Connectivity-Security System TRL Levels: 3-5 Linked WPs: WP2 Linked UCs: WP7
Pre-integration and configurator to reduce required integration effort at UC level. Software TEE for Vehicle-to-Cloud security.
Transport-Smart Cities Potential market entry: 2023 Re-engineering effort: 12 MM
This PIARCH intends to provide a secure and possibly low-power way of establishing communications between an embedded system of a CPS and its environment.

A Secure Gateway Trusted Execution Environment, based on ProvenCore, enforces cybersecurity (confidentiality, authenticity and integrity) between these environments, even in case part of the PIARCH is compromised.

A software configurator allows building an custom instance of the PIARCH, which includes the support packages for the desired connectivity media, as well as a custom runtime configuration (e.g. network devices parameters).