Monitoring network for environment quality and threat detection

[Focus Area]: Perception [Type]: Sound monitoring [TRL Level]: 8 [Linked WPs]: 3, 4, 9 [Linked PIARCHs]: A3P, A3L, A4
[Innovation areas]: Acoustic threat detection, Vehicle noise radar, AI, Data fusion
[Potential vertical/horizontal markets]: Smart Cities [Potential market entry]: 2021/2022 [Re-engineering effort]: 6-12 MM
Provide the following smart cities functions:
Cartographies of Environment Noise Quality
Geo-localized threats alerts (Gun Shot Detection)
Detection & identification of noisy vehicles

Design goals:
Low full cost (setup, operation, maintenance)
Reduction of false alarms by AI
Reliability on threat identification/localisation by AI
Multimodal Data Fusion (sound / image) by AI
Sensor network co-operation
Outdoor high reliability sensor

Video monitoring system for acoustic threat detection

Vehicle noise radar